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Boyarka Art Club for Mentally and Physically Disabled Youth



Of the 37 thousand people living in Boyarka, there are approximately 500 mentally or physically disabled people registered with the focal administration.

Social discrimination against the disabled starts at an early age when children are excluded from regular schools. Those disabled children that do attend school are sent to separate institutions that are financially neglected by the government.

These special schools treat children with disregard to their individual disabilities which limits their emotional maturity and ability to communicate.

Regardless of their disabilities, these children fail to meet their full potential, because teachers believe that they are unable to lead productive lives.

Once they graduate, there is no secondary education available and the disabled are not prepared to work. Moreover, due to limited financial means, families cannot hire private teachers or psychologists to assist their children. This means that the disabled spend their days living at home under the care of relatives; heafthy people do not meet them in school, the workplace, or throughout the community.

These factors lead the disabled, to suffer from low self-esteem, a poor outlook on life, and an absence of goals.


Through the development of an art club for mentally and physically disabled youth, Dzwony will work to improve the self esteem of artistically talented disabled youth ages 10-25 in the Boyarka region. Under the guidance of a psychologist and an art instructor, disabled youth will learn to express themselves artistically during therapeutic art classes. Those that wish to participate may display their own work during five public, art exhibitions planned for the Boyarka region. The intent of these exhibitions is to showcase the talents of disabled youth while also raising public awareness.

The art club and exhibitions serve to bring disabled youth and their families together into a social network. Because the youth, and many times their parents, are isolated at home they do not realize that others face similar hardships.

Brining families together provides a forum for them to discuss problems.

Dzwony’s end goal is to help disabled people and their families become active members of the local community. The art club and exhibitions are a first step toward bringing people together and raising public awareness.


President Diana Kuznetsova is the mother of an 22 year old mentally handicapped son. She experienced first hand the discrimination facing her disabled child and knows the economic hardships borne by families with disabled children. Diana’s experience caring for a disabled child gave her the idea to start a NGO that promotes the talents of disabled people who are neglected by public schools and marginalised by society.

Currently Dzwony is the only NGO focused on developing the talents of the disabled, Mrs. Kuznetsova tried to partner with local clubs to include disabled youth, but these organizations were not interested in taking on members who require additional assistance. In addition, the Ministry of Emergency Relief opened a socio-psychological rehabilitation center in Boyarka to treat people suffering from the long-term effects of Chernobyl. While the ministry has a different focus than Dzwony, they offered to host the art club in their renovated building and to allow one of their staff psychologists to assist with the club’s activities.

Dzwony Attracted visitors on 22 exhibitions art held for three years. This events succeeded in raising public awareness in the Boyarka community.
The art club will focus on developing the talents of disabled youth so that they may participate in these art exhibitions. It is also expected that experienced network members will become actively involved in the club through volunteer opportunities.


In 2004, shortly after Dzwony’s inception, Diana Kuznetsova announced an art competition to attract disabled people in the Boyarka region. 78 people of the different age given examples of the artistic works, which they have produced in their houses

Then in December 2004, Dzwony partnered with a Boyarka museum to hold its first art exhibition to display the artwork produced by the network’s members.

The 78 member network is managed by Diana Kuznetsova with the assistance of Sklyarenko R.G. is assisting with project development. We have 4 years of experience working with a Kyiv charity organization . There are currently four volunteers that assist with network events.

Dzwony’s mission is to develop and promote the talents of Boyarka’s disabled community. The initial exhibition in 2007 brought the organization name recognition within the community Boyarka,Vyshneve,Kyiv . The city administration, the Department of Family and Youth Affairs, local concert halls, schools, and a Boyarka museum offered their support for future projects.
In addition, the newspaper, New Day,Boyarka-info, press service UPC offered to provide coverage for Dzwony events.

There are currently 78 people taking part in the Dzowny network, which covers Boyarka and the surrounding regions. The group consists of twenty-two females and ten males ranging in age from ten to eighty-seven years. At this time, five network members are interested in joining the art club, but club membership is expected to expand along with the Dzwony network. Current network members suffer predominately from mental disabilities including autism, schizophrenia, and mental handicaps. Despite these disabilities, each person is gifted in a unique way. Their talents include the embroidery, woodworking, knitting, sing, painting, and homemade articles with beads and aplique works.



To improve the self esteem of disabled youth, while promoting their talents and raising awareness in the Boyarka region.


• Organize an art club where youth can express themselves freely and develop their artistic talents.

• Provide a place for the disabled and their families to meet.

• Organize five exhibitions of art and hand-made crafts in Boyarka, Worsel, Bucha, Kiev and Wyshnewe.

• Design and distribute information regarding Dzwony’s activities


• Approximately 30 disabled youth will have the opportunity to develop their artistic talents and meet each other.

• The club will provide disabled youth with the instruction, personal attention, and the supplies they need to succeed artistically.

• Thirty found out from building people do work and handcrafts for five separate exhibitions.

• Two thousand people will visit the exhibitions throughout the year.

• People will hear about Dzwony for year because of raised to privity, resulting with exhibitions and distribution to information.

Long-terminated results shall be:

• Disabled participants will benefit from improved self esteem and a sense of pride in their work.

• The money they raise from the exhibitions will enable them to buy additional art supplies to participate in future exhibitions.

• The Dzwony network will grow in popularity and gain a reputation throughout the community.

• Society’s attitude toward the disabled will change as they see that people with physical and mental handicaps are productive members of the community.

• The Dzwony network will unite disabled people and their families together so that they can speak with one voice to the local administration about issues facing their community.


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